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30 Days of CS5: Native support for Hybrid dSLR formats

In my opinion, the best new feature in Premiere Pro CS5 is native support for file formats from hybrid SLRs. This means you can pull images off your memory card, drop them in a timeline and begin playback immediately. For photographers and videojournalists, this is a major time-saver because it eliminates a time-consuming portion of […]

30 Days of CS5: Refine Edge

One of the most common production tasks for photographers or imagers using Photoshop is to isolate a subject from a background, often called clipping or cutouts. Each of the past several versions of Photoshop has attempted to make the process easier and more intuitive. First there was the Extract tool, later the Refine Selection command […]

30 Day of CS5: Cool Improvements

Several minor improvements to Photoshop CS5 offer subtle, yet important, benefits to photographers. As part of their “Just Do It” initiative (JDI), Photoshop engineers took a break from building new features to address annoyances and make changes proposed by Photoshop users. Here are two of my favorite JDI changes and a third updated feature you’ll […]

30 Days of CS5: Layer Mgmt. Improvements

CS5 has several new refinements for the layer panel that will smooth over a few rough spots in your Photoshop workflow, particularly when creating web or interactive designs which require the use of many layers to build out the user interface or site design. Adjust multiple layers at once When creating interactive documents you often […]

30 Days of CS5: Mini Bridge

Honestly, I’m not ordinarily a big fan of Bridge. It’s much slower and less efficient for editing images and adding metadata than Camera Bits Photo Mechanic and lacks the asset management capabilities of an image cataloging system like Adobe Lightroom or Microsoft Expression Media. With that in mind, I’m finding a lot to like with […]

30 Days of CS5: A Faster, More Efficient Photoshop

CS5 is now 64-bit compatible on both the Mac and Windows platforms. What does this mean to you? – Less waiting for common tasks (file conversions, filters, etc) – More responsiveness with larger files – Access to more than 4 GB of RAM In order for you to take advantage of these benefits, you’ll need […]

Correcting Video With Photoshop

Apple Final Cut Pro and Adobe Premiere Pro offer powerful color-correcting tools for digital video. The trouble is, they are more difficult to use than the tools you’re accustomed to using in Photoshop. The good news is if you have Photoshop CS3 or CS4 extended, you can open and correct video using adjustment layers, Photoshop […]

5 Tips for Mastering Layer Masks

Lately, I’ve been noticing designers, photographers and illustrators layering their work as well. From photographer’s portfolios to television ads, compositing photos or videos with text, backgrounds and textures is hot. Even Ford is getting into the action with a surprisingly creative F-150 advertising campaign. If you’re not already a master of layer masks and compositing, […]

The next big thing Part 1:

I tend to be more than a little skeptical when I hear words like “revolutionary”, “game-changing” or the “next big thing” because it is easy to get really excited about a shiny new technology and devolve into hyperbole. However, after having my world rocked three times this fall by emerging technologies, I’m just about ready […]

Are you a Realist or an Impressionist photographer?

Photographers will always wrestle with the thorny ethical question of when it is appropriate to use Photoshop for image manipulation and how much manipulation is appropriate, particularly in an editorial context. Unfortunately, much of the conversation on Photoshop and ethics has devolved into partisan statements. “Photoshop is cheating,” some say. “An artist should use any […]