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30 Days of CS5: 64-bit processing in After Effects and PP: Mercury Playback Engine

Like Photoshop, Premiere Pro and After Effects CS5 are rewritten as native 64-bit applications. This allows you to use as much RAM as you have installed in your machine. 64-bit compatibility, combined with the new Mercury Playback Engine, allows Premiere Pro to render video files exceptionally fast. This allows you to work more responsively with […]

30 Days of CS5: Native support for Hybrid dSLR formats

In my opinion, the best new feature in Premiere Pro CS5 is native support for file formats from hybrid SLRs. This means you can pull images off your memory card, drop them in a timeline and begin playback immediately. For photographers and videojournalists, this is a major time-saver because it eliminates a time-consuming portion of […]

30 Days of CS5: Content Aware Fill

Back in the days when I was a production assistant for an architectural photographer, I spent a lot of time removing bits of trash from unfinished building sites and fixing cosmetic blemishes in the grass, on the sidewalk or building. Then, I had to make these corrections with the clone stamp, carefully selecting adjacent pixels […]

30 Days of CS5: Layer Mgmt. Improvements

CS5 has several new refinements for the layer panel that will smooth over a few rough spots in your Photoshop workflow, particularly when creating web or interactive designs which require the use of many layers to build out the user interface or site design. Adjust multiple layers at once When creating interactive documents you often […]

30 Days of CS5: HDR Pro and HDR Toning

Although HDR photography has become popular in recent years, it has never lived up to its original promise of allowing photographers to capture images as their eyes originally saw them. Instead, most HDR images are gritty, high-contrast versions of the original. Stylistically, it was put to good use by some photographers looking for a post-apocalyptic, […]

The Fantastic Power of Imagination

Quote of the day: “The most important thing is that we never lose the ability to believe. If we do, we’ll get old and gray. Whenever you hear a child tell a story and you sense that fantastic power of imagination, pray that she will be able to remain that spark. If she can stay […]

Are you a Realist or an Impressionist photographer?

Photographers will always wrestle with the thorny ethical question of when it is appropriate to use Photoshop for image manipulation and how much manipulation is appropriate, particularly in an editorial context. Unfortunately, much of the conversation on Photoshop and ethics has devolved into partisan statements. “Photoshop is cheating,” some say. “An artist should use any […]

TIFF and JPEG images in Adobe Premiere Pro

In a series of tests I conducted earlier this summer, I discovered that TIFF and JPEG images are displayed differently in Adobe Premiere Pro. First, it appears the difference is found only on the Mac platform where JPEG files are decoded by QuickTime and TIFF is handled internally within Premiere Pro. This leads to two […]

Seadragon: Online Deep Photo Zooms

Recently, Microsoft announced Seadragon.com, a simple service allowing photographers to create a deep- zoom image by linking to a file online. All you need to do to create your own deep-zoom image is to post an image online, copy the image link (not the page link) and Seadragon.com takes care of the rest. Photoshop CS4 […]

New Landscape Photography Video

For our dedicated readers of Perfect Digital Photography, we’ve added another video tutorial to PDP TV. In this episode, I provide several tips for getting great landscape photos using a long lens and a wide aperture. You can watch the video on the Perfect Digital Photography web site, or inline at a smaller size below.