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30 Days of CS5: Captions

InDesign’s new captioning features allow you to, you guessed it, generate captions for your images, illustrations and multimedia. Less obvious uses of the features allow catalog publishers to add SKU numbers or product names to the photos automatically. With a little bit of creativity, virtually anyone who uses photos regularly in their design work can […]

Photoshop CS4: File Info

What is it? A redesign of the File Info dialog box may not be high on most people’s list of favorite features in CS4, but it does open some interesting possibilities. Because the new dialog is Flash-based, it makes it easier to create new, and hopefully useful, ways of leveraging the metadata within a file […]

Electrification and the Future of Digital Photography

This morning, I was listening to a lecture by Thomas Friedman, author of The World Is Flat, via MIT’s Open Courseware. In it, Mr. Friedman mentions that the productivity boost to industry provided by the discovery of electricity was not immediate. Instead, the real gains came after the factories had been redesigned for electric motors […]