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DNG Profiles for Olympus Cameras

In building or boosting your workflow, you can get the most “bang for your buck” by minimizing the number of manual corrections you must make to match your photos to your vision of the original scene. DNG profiles can significantly improve your camera raw workflow by providing you with a better starting point than Adobe’s […]

PMA 2009 Part 2: The SpyderCube

Advances in raw processing technology offer , it can be difficult photographers find it difficult to correct RAW exposures in their images efficiently. But the real workflow boost comes in developing a systematic approach to optimizing your RAW files. To help simplify the raw correction process, Datacolor created the SpyderCube, a unique improvement on the […]

ACR: Graduated Filter Tool

What is it? Landscape and architectural photographers are always darkening skies to call attention to the foreground elements in their photos. In the past, this correction required the use of a graduated neutral-density filter over the front of your camera lens, or sophisticated Photoshop tricks. The Graduated Filter tool in ACR makes it quick and […]

ACR: Adjustment Brush

What is it? Every technology has to pass a litmus test before it is considered ready for professional work. For example, digital cameras had to offer better image quality than film at full bleed in a two-page spread. For Adobe Camera Raw (ACR) the litmus test was the ability to selectively burn and dodge areas […]

Save! Lightroom 2 & PSCS 4 Bundle

Right now, Adobe is offering a 30% discount on Adobe Lightroom 2 when you purchase a full or upgrade license for Adobe Photoshop CS4. If you’re looking to upgrade to PSCS4, you might consider adding Lightroom to the mix. Adobe – Adobe Store – North America: “”

Lightroom 2 Graduated Filters Tutorial

Lightroom 2’s Graduated Filters Tool is a terrific way to darken troublesome skies, add foreground contrast or give your photos a cinematic look. I’ve posted a video tutorial to walk you through the basic use, and creative applications of the Graduated Filters tool.  http://www.prorgb.com/lightroom-2