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Creative Content: Case Study: Clark Stacy

I’ve recently begun work to develop a new seminar “Unlocking The True Value of Your Creative Content” on behalf of ASMP for the NAB Show’s Technologically Advanced Publishing track. (whew, that was a mouthful). In any case, the primary focus of the presentation will be on the ways independent content creators can fund, publish and […]

CSaaS-Creative Services as a Service?

“As the idea of a sharing and scaling services that were otherwise once local and isolated continues to spread, we are now seeing just about every function you can imagine being delivered as-a-service to any business who wants them.” -Brian Profitt As Brian Profitt correctly outlines in his article “Everything As A Service” on ReadWriteWeb, […]

30 Days of CS5: Conclusion

This wraps up our 30 Days of CS5 series. Although we’ve covered lots of new ground, we’re still really only scratching the surface of how these features can be implemented into your workflow to help you work faster and expand your creative options. Those deeper posts will continue over weeks and months to come, particularly […]

30 Days of CS5: Ensuring Web site Consistency

I admit it, I’m an Mac fan. All the computers (and music players, and tablets and cell phones) in our studio are of the Macintosh variety. Though Macs are great tools for our line of work in visual communications, using Macs can be limiting when preparing content for the World Wide Web when I know […]

30 Days of CS5: Flash Catalyst

In late 2007 Adobe began providing sneak peeks at a nascent technology from the Adobe test labs. Code name “Thermo,” this new technology promised to allow designers to rapidly create and prototype interactive Web sites and Web applications without the need for coding. Once the design of the site was completed, they could hand off […]

The next big thing Part 1:

I tend to be more than a little skeptical when I hear words like “revolutionary”, “game-changing” or the “next big thing” because it is easy to get really excited about a shiny new technology and devolve into hyperbole. However, after having my world rocked three times this fall by emerging technologies, I’m just about ready […]

Visual Literacy: Using Color

In last week’s post I recommended viewing the first 45 seconds of the trailer to the movie Traffic to get a sense of how color is used to enforce themes within the movie. For example, in Traffic, director Steven Soderbergh weaves together the lives of three separate characters to give the audience an overview of […]