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30 Days of CS5: After Effects CS5: Vibrance

Color correcting, or color grading, video footage can be a difficult skill to master and a time consuming-process, even once one is familiar with the tools. As a result, color grading is frequently skipped in favor of strictly focusing on the content gathering and editing process. With the speed benefits from working in Premiere Pro […]

How Do You Know Your Monitor Is Accurate?

If you’ve read this blog, read my articles or attended any of my classes, you know that monitor calibration is one of the fundamental pillars of an efficient digital photography or graphic design workflow. Assuming you’re calibrating and profiling your monitor regularly, how do you know, for sure, your monitor is accurate? Or, to put […]

Controlling catalog returns: online and in print

In Opinion Research Corp’s April 2009 online shopping “Ouch point” survey, receiving an item that “doesn’t look like it did on the Internet” is the third most common source of frustration when making purchases online. Not only is this frustrating for consumers, it is expensive for companies who are saddled with returns. There are several […]

PMA 2009 Part 2: The SpyderCube

Advances in raw processing technology offer , it can be difficult photographers find it difficult to correct RAW exposures in their images efficiently. But the real workflow boost comes in developing a systematic approach to optimizing your RAW files. To help simplify the raw correction process, Datacolor created the SpyderCube, a unique improvement on the […]

Monitor Calibration and Profiling Article

I just wrapped up work on Part 2 of my Color Management Primer for digital photographers on Photo.net. This article walks you through the in’s and out’s of monitor selection and calibration. Part 1 provides a foundational overview of color management and its role in a digital photography workflow. Part 3 will help you configure […]

Photoshop CS4: Device Link Profiles

    What is it? Device link profiles are a powerful color management tool that, until now, have not seen widespread adoption due to limited support, most notably in Photoshop. Traditional ICC based color management uses a device-independent color space, like Lab, to serve as a bridge between two device-dependent ICC profiles, like Adobe RGB […]