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Audio Shapes The Meaning of the Visuals

This afternoon, I came across this interesting example of how audio can affect the way we perceive visual images. These two trailers for the Resonance film have an identical visual track, but the audio between the two segments is radically different. As a result the emotion of, and my reaction to the two trailers differs […]

Multimedia: Audio Slideshows

One of the simplest, and most effective, ways of enlivening a presentation of still photos is to pair photos with audio. The audio track can be ambient sounds that relate to the content of the photos, an interview with the photography subject, backing music or a voice-over narration by the photographer. Ideally, the audio will […]

Good Shooting Guide

Many of us are learning how to transition from still photographers to multimedia communicators by learning how to capture and edit video, gather audio and combine all these elements into a compelling story. The BBC’s Good Shooting Guide is a valuable resource which walks you through the finer points of selecting between different microphone types, […]

Mumbai’s Hidden Heart

Dharavi, Mumbai’s largest slum lies at the center of a controversy on whether the city should redevelop the land or, leave it as-is. Dharavi sits adjacent to the airport and is transcribed by two major commuter rail lines. This densely populated area teems with an entrepreneurial spirit, as residents recycle cardboard and other scrap or […]

Compelling Panoramas

We’ve all seen beautiful QuickTime VR panoramas which allow you to scroll back and forth through the photo. The NY Times has taken this approach one step farther by adding audio to accompany the visuals.  These panoramas of Barack Obama’s speech at the DNC last week and the view from the 10-meter platform at the […]