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30 Days of CS5: After Effects CS5: Vibrance

Color correcting, or color grading, video footage can be a difficult skill to master and a time consuming-process, even once one is familiar with the tools. As a result, color grading is frequently skipped in favor of strictly focusing on the content gathering and editing process. With the speed benefits from working in Premiere Pro […]

TIFF and JPEG images in Adobe Premiere Pro

In a series of tests I conducted earlier this summer, I discovered that TIFF and JPEG images are displayed differently in Adobe Premiere Pro. First, it appears the difference is found only on the Mac platform where JPEG files are decoded by QuickTime and TIFF is handled internally within Premiere Pro. This leads to two […]

Tips On Integrating The E-P1 into your Workflow

I love having the capability to shoot both still photos and HD video with the E-P1. It’s worth the minor added complications in my workflow. Here are a few tips to help you integrate the E-P1’s video files painlessly into your digital photography workflow. Downloading: My still photography workflow is heavily reliant upon Adobe Lightroom, […]