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Adobe Premiere Pro Blue Render Bug

After pulling my hair out for the better part of a month, I think I’ve finally identified the steps to trigger a bug affecting After Effects, Premiere Pro and Adobe Media Encoder and, steps to work around it. The Problem: When exporting videos from Adobe Premiere Pro that contain a rendered clip (like a title […]

Photoshop + Adobe Media Encoder = Video Rendering Bliss

If you’re using Photoshop Extended to perform color and tone correction in video footage, you may be frustrated by tying Photoshop up for long periods of time rendering video. If so, try offloading the rendering chores to Adobe Media Encoder CS4 or CS5. Simply save your color-corrected video files as layered .PSDs and open them […]

30 Days of CS5: Adobe Media Encoder

It’s great to have seemingly unfettered control of your digital video, but this freedom is all for naught if you’re not able to deliver your video to the people who want to view it. For many, video encoding is a black art, complete with esoteric terminology, a range of buttons, dials and pulldown menus that […]