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30 Days of CS5: Camera Raw Files in AECS5

When I originally set out to write the 30 Days of CS5 blog series, I didn’t intend to spend so much time on After Effects. But, the more time I’ve spent with After Effects, the more potential I see for photographers and others, who aren’t videographers or motion graphics experts, to begin incorporating After Effects […]

DNG Profiles for Olympus Cameras

In building or boosting your workflow, you can get the most “bang for your buck” by minimizing the number of manual corrections you must make to match your photos to your vision of the original scene. DNG profiles can significantly improve your camera raw workflow by providing you with a better starting point than Adobe’s […]

ACR: Graduated Filter Tool

What is it? Landscape and architectural photographers are always darkening skies to call attention to the foreground elements in their photos. In the past, this correction required the use of a graduated neutral-density filter over the front of your camera lens, or sophisticated Photoshop tricks. The Graduated Filter tool in ACR makes it quick and […]

ACR: DNG Profile Editor

What is it? So you’ve downloaded the Beta profiles and still aren’t satisfied with your results in Adobe Camera Raw (ACR)? Well then, the DNG Profile Editor is for you. This free tool, found on the Adobe Labs Web site, allows you to create and customize your own camera profiles to control the look of […]