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30 Days of CS4

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Photoshop CS4: Masks Panel

    What is it? As Photoshop evolves, Adobe continues to place an emphasis on non-destructive editing. This evolution is apparent in Photoshop CS4’s new Masks panel, which brings non-destructive editing to Layer masks. At the heart of the Masks panel is the ability to feather, modify or decrease the opacity of a layer mask […]

Photoshop CS4: Vibrance Adjustment Layer

    What is it? Already a part of Adobe Camera Raw and Lightroom, Vibrance works very similarly to saturation. However, instead of increasing or decreasing the saturation of all colors, Vibrance adds saturation to desaturated colors more than saturated ones. This improves the overall color of the image without making colors appear artificial or […]

Photoshop CS4: Burn and Dodge

    What is it? This feature isn’t so much a new tool, but an improvement to the existing Burn and Dodge tool. Before, the burn and and dodge tool acted like you were were painting over your image with a low opacity white or black brush. The new improvements to the tool intelligently adjusts […]

Photoshop CS4: Color Range

    What is it? Color Range has long been the ugly duckling of Photoshop’s selection tools. It wasn’t in the Toolbar, it didn’t have “magic” in the name, it was hard to use and frankly, it didn’t work all that better than other tools. In Photoshop CS4, Color Range grows up. After reworking the […]

Photoshop CS4: Adjustment Presets

    What is it? Adobe introduced adjustment layer presets in Photoshop CS3. While an improvement, they were rarely used, owing to the fact that they didn’t save all that much time. In Photoshop CS4, the adjustment presets are incorporated into the Adjustments panel where they are front and center. Most importantly, you can activate […]

Photoshop CS4: On-image Adjustments

    What Is It? In an effort to broaden Photoshop’s appeal, Adobe has been quietly working to make Photoshop both more powerful and easier to use. Several of the user interface changes in Photoshop CS4 are designed to bring hidden features to the surface, while others, like the on-image adjustments are designed to alleviate […]

Photoshop CS4: Adjustments Panel

    What is it? The Adjustments panel, and changes to the Curves keyboard shortcuts are likely the most dramatic changes between PSCS3 and PSCS4. On the surface, the Adjustments panel is a convenient method of managing and displaying adjustment layers. Once you dig a little deeper however, you find that the Adjustment panel represents […]

Photoshop CS4: Extended Depth of Field

What is it? The last several years have produced several photographic developments which allow photographers to harness the power of multiple images to break the traditional photographic limitations imposed by single-frame capture. One common example is High-Dynamic Range images (HDR) where several photos, taken at different exposures, are blended together to make a single image […]

Photoshop CS4: GPU Acceleration

What is it? At this point, you might be wondering, what is a GPU and why should I care? The GPU, or Graphics Processing Unit, is a dedicated graphics processor built into the video card. As GPU processing power has increased, software manufacturers are using the GPU to perform more image display tasks, like resizing […]

Photoshop CS4: Spring-loaded Keyboard Shorcuts

What is it? I often find myself switching between tools briefly to perform one quick task, then going back to my original tool and continuing to work. The Spring-loaded keyboard shortcuts are a subtle, yet effective, productivity boost designed to reduce the number of times you need to switch between tools for quick adjustments. To […]