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Elements of Life-Thoughts from Vincenzo Natali

As I reviewed trailers for movies we will see at the Sundance Film Festival next week, I came across this apt quote from Vincenzo Natali, co-writer and director of the 2009 film Splice, and director of the famed 1997 science fiction film Cube. “Making a film is a little bit like having a baby. It […]

I think I have it somewhere…

This morning, NPR ran a nice story about a lost recording of a Martin Luther King Jr. speech, returned to the world after 50 years. In the story are several important reminders for photographers to cultivate, maintain and protect their image library. The Story In 1960, three years before King’s landmark “I Have A Dream” […]

Multimedia: 5 tips for shooting stills

Though shooting stills will probably be the most comfortable aspect of multimedia for photographers, multimedia brings with it a new set of challenges when shooting, that most photographers will be able to adapt to with some practice. Here are five tips for shooting stills: 1) Vary your shots: Be sure to shoot wide-angle overview shots, […]

5 Reasons to Infuse Your Work with Multimedia

I recently began shooting with my new Olympus E-P2 HD video-enabled dSLR camera. While a card-carrying digital photographer in love with technology, when I started working with video-enabled cameras, I felt a pang of worry for the future of still photography. Now that I’ve been working with these cameras for a full year, that worry […]

Lightroom and Photoshop: One Rule for a Happy Marriage

As Lightroom continues to evolve and become a more powerful photography tool, many photographers are finding fewer reasons to jump into Photoshop for performing their image corrections. For the most part, Lightroom (LR) and Photoshop are designed to work exceptionally well together. Still, there is one major snag many photographers run into when using both […]

The Next Big Thing: Part 2

In my previous post, I listed three extraordinary developments I feel demonstrate the future of newspaper and magazine publishing. Looking at these publications, my head was filled with dozens of questions. Who designs this, the Web team or the print team? Does it take less, or more time, to publish an interactive magazine than a […]

Image Sharpening in Lightroom 3

Check out this Lightroom 3 tutorial on image sharpening. This tutorial is part of a Lightroom Webinar package that ended this month. I’ll post new Webinar dates on my blog soon. Sign up for my newsletter and receive at least one of these tutorials every month, along with news and multimedia. See past newsletters and […]

Are you a Realist or an Impressionist photographer?

Photographers will always wrestle with the thorny ethical question of when it is appropriate to use Photoshop for image manipulation and how much manipulation is appropriate, particularly in an editorial context. Unfortunately, much of the conversation on Photoshop and ethics has devolved into partisan statements. “Photoshop is cheating,” some say. “An artist should use any […]

Do you know what you’re using Photoshop for?

Earlier, while spending some quality time with the Communication Arts Photography Annual, I was struck by several comments in the editors column describing the level of post-production on the best images. One, from juror Diana Koenigsberg stood out: “Many images seemed to be more like illustrations that utilize photography as a tool, rather than images […]

Smith Island Update: Day 6 Immersive Photography

We bid farewell to the first group of workshop attendees early yesterday morning as wind and rain lashed at the decks in Smith Island. Throughout yesterday and today, rain, mixed with heavy tides has flooded the low lying coastal areas of Tylerton, the home for our workshop. Today’s high tide brought calf-deep water to the […]