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30 Days of CS5: Conclusion

This wraps up our 30 Days of CS5 series. Although we’ve covered lots of new ground, we’re still really only scratching the surface of how these features can be implemented into your workflow to help you work faster and expand your creative options. Those deeper posts will continue over weeks and months to come, particularly […]

30 Days of CS5: Perspective Drawing

Clearly, the engineers at Adobe feel that 3D, both actual and perceived, will play a prominent role in the future of illustration, design and motion. The past several generations of the Creative Suite have brought us tools like Vanishing Point (Photoshop) and 3D Effects (Illustrator). CS5 brings us Repousee in Photoshop for creating 3D graphics […]

30 Days of CS5: Auto Keyframing

For many people, myself included, switching from still to motion graphics requires us to rethink the way we prepare our files. Not only do we have the static components (composition, content, color, contrast, etc.) but we also now have a temporal component to consider and control. When I began playing with motion graphics, I found […]

30 Days of CS5: After Effects CS5: Vibrance

Color correcting, or color grading, video footage can be a difficult skill to master and a time consuming-process, even once one is familiar with the tools. As a result, color grading is frequently skipped in favor of strictly focusing on the content gathering and editing process. With the speed benefits from working in Premiere Pro […]

30 Days of CS5: Content Aware Fill

Back in the days when I was a production assistant for an architectural photographer, I spent a lot of time removing bits of trash from unfinished building sites and fixing cosmetic blemishes in the grass, on the sidewalk or building. Then, I had to make these corrections with the clone stamp, carefully selecting adjacent pixels […]

30 Days of CS5: Refine Edge

One of the most common production tasks for photographers or imagers using Photoshop is to isolate a subject from a background, often called clipping or cutouts. Each of the past several versions of Photoshop has attempted to make the process easier and more intuitive. First there was the Extract tool, later the Refine Selection command […]

30 Day of CS5: Cool Improvements

Several minor improvements to Photoshop CS5 offer subtle, yet important, benefits to photographers. As part of their “Just Do It” initiative (JDI), Photoshop engineers took a break from building new features to address annoyances and make changes proposed by Photoshop users. Here are two of my favorite JDI changes and a third updated feature you’ll […]

30 Days of CS5: HDR Pro and HDR Toning

Although HDR photography has become popular in recent years, it has never lived up to its original promise of allowing photographers to capture images as their eyes originally saw them. Instead, most HDR images are gritty, high-contrast versions of the original. Stylistically, it was put to good use by some photographers looking for a post-apocalyptic, […]

30 Days of CS5: Burning and Dodging with the Mixer Brush Tool

Originally designed to enhance the painting experience by mixing pixels as though they were watercolor paint, one of the brush tools I have found a photographic use for is the Mixer Brush tool.  Using the Wet, Load and Mix controls, along with the Load brush and Clean brush options, you can reload your brush with […]

30 Days of CS5: New Brush Tips

Photoshop CS5 features a number of interesting improvements to painting and brushes. The new brush tips, found within the Brushes panel, are designed for more lifelike painting, allowing you to simulate the effects of painting with a variety of brush tips, from a round fan brush to a flat angle tip. The Bristle Quality options […]