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The Future of Journalism? Excellent Hurricane Sandy Reporting from the NY Times

Today, I’ll take a brief detour from the current thread on thinking, knowledge and professional development to highlight a shining example of modern journalism from the NY Times. A good curation of materials illustrating damage by #HurricaneSandy by the @nytimes, nyti.ms/SulIZm. — Alasdair Allan (@aallan) October 30, 2012 As Alasdair Allan points out, this well […]

Friday Round Up: Read This Now

For this week’s Friday Round-up (yes, I know it’s been a while) I have one article that I scooped from my friend Susan Carr’s Twitter feed earlier today. Even though Online Journalism Entrepreneurs is more than a year old, the exploration of new revenue models for news outlets is still enlightening today, particularly as a […]

The Truth About the Future of The Media Industry

I came across this article yesterday comparing the market value of “new media” companies like Google, Facebook etc. to the “Old Media” empires of Disney, Comcast and News Corp. In this comparison, the value of new media companies and old media companies are roughly equal. While I don’t necessarily agree that market capitalization is the best […]

The Next Big Thing: Part 3

I really only intended this to be a two-part series, but today I found a link on A Photo Editor’s blog to Folio Magazine’s 115 Media and Magazine predictions for 2010. In it, several people far better connected than I seemed to echo many of the same statements from my past two posts. Here are […]

The next big thing Part 1:

I tend to be more than a little skeptical when I hear words like “revolutionary”, “game-changing” or the “next big thing” because it is easy to get really excited about a shiny new technology and devolve into hyperbole. However, after having my world rocked three times this fall by emerging technologies, I’m just about ready […]

Review: X-Rite Color Checker Passport First Thoughts

Most photographers know DNG (Digital Negative Format) as a non-proprietary camera raw file format which contains a great number of workflow and photo-archiving benefits. The latest versions of the DNG format (Versions 1.2 and 1.3) help give photographers the ability to fine-tune their workflow through DNG profiles. DNG profiles allow you to customize the default […]

Multimedia: War Without Borders

One of the great advantages of multimedia is its information density. Through the use of video, audio, graphics and photos, you can tell a complex story both effectively and succinctly. The War Without Borders: Fueling Mexico’s Drug Trade (Warning: Contains graphic, violent images) is just such an example. The NY Times reporters expertly tell the […]

Newsweeklies Continue Long, Slow Print Goodbye

This last week has been an alarming one in the world of print journalism. Scripps media, owners of the Rocky Mountain News, have put the Rocky up for sale and the Tribune Co, owners of the LA Times, Chicago Tribune and Baltimore Sun has filed for Chapter 11 bankruptcy protection. Today’s announcement that Newsweek is […]

Interactive Video Manipulation

The good folks at Adobe are busy cooking up some experimental new video software for manipulating, compositing and interacting with digital video. Photographers might want to think of the new software as one part Vanishing Point, one part photo merge and two parts magic. The compositing feature shown at the end of the movie raises […]

Election Day Multimedia

As we head to the polls today and await the news of who will be our next president, the NY Times takes us back to provide a retrospective of the journey both candidates have taken over the past two years. An engaging blend of still photography, video and interactivity (check out the “related links below), […]