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Apple Going Semi-Pro?

It’s been a tough couple of weeks for die-hard Final Cut users. They feel betrayed and abandoned. And rightfully so. FCP was a tool they’d spent hundreds, if not thousands, of hours working with and now Apple effectively shut them out of moving forward without any warning. I won’t go through the gory details as […]

30 Days of CS5: After Effects Color Finesse Program

I’ve spent the past several days highlighting the new tools in After Effects CS5 that help make your digital video look its very best. Today, I get to introduce you to perhaps the most powerful of these new features, the Color Finesse plugin from Synthetic Aperture, now bundled with After Effects CS5.  Photographers will find […]

30 Days of CS5: Auto Keyframing

For many people, myself included, switching from still to motion graphics requires us to rethink the way we prepare our files. Not only do we have the static components (composition, content, color, contrast, etc.) but we also now have a temporal component to consider and control. When I began playing with motion graphics, I found […]

30 Days of CS5: After Effects CS5: Vibrance

Color correcting, or color grading, video footage can be a difficult skill to master and a time consuming-process, even once one is familiar with the tools. As a result, color grading is frequently skipped in favor of strictly focusing on the content gathering and editing process. With the speed benefits from working in Premiere Pro […]

Tips For Profiling Wide-Gamut Monitors

I’ve recently received several questions on how best to calibrate and profile newer wide-gamut monitors. The questions are likely precipitated by poor-quality profiles generated by older monitor calibration devices. In this post I’ll include a short background on what wide-gamut monitors are, why they are the wave of the future and offer practical advice on […]

DNG Profiles for Olympus Cameras

In building or boosting your workflow, you can get the most “bang for your buck” by minimizing the number of manual corrections you must make to match your photos to your vision of the original scene. DNG profiles can significantly improve your camera raw workflow by providing you with a better starting point than Adobe’s […]

Why does ACR have Orange & Purple along with RGBCMY?

I recently received a question from one of my Lightroom Webinar attendees wondering why Adobe Camera Raw uses colors like aqua, orange and purple in the HSL panel instead of sticking with the standard red, green, blue, cyan, magenta and yellow? Although I can’t say definitively, I suspect the answer to the question lies in […]

Review: X-Rite Color Checker Passport First Thoughts

Most photographers know DNG (Digital Negative Format) as a non-proprietary camera raw file format which contains a great number of workflow and photo-archiving benefits. The latest versions of the DNG format (Versions 1.2 and 1.3) help give photographers the ability to fine-tune their workflow through DNG profiles. DNG profiles allow you to customize the default […]

How Do You Know Your Monitor Is Accurate?

If you’ve read this blog, read my articles or attended any of my classes, you know that monitor calibration is one of the fundamental pillars of an efficient digital photography or graphic design workflow. Assuming you’re calibrating and profiling your monitor regularly, how do you know, for sure, your monitor is accurate? Or, to put […]

Controlling catalog returns: online and in print

In Opinion Research Corp’s April 2009 online shopping “Ouch point” survey, receiving an item that “doesn’t look like it did on the Internet” is the third most common source of frustration when making purchases online. Not only is this frustrating for consumers, it is expensive for companies who are saddled with returns. There are several […]