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Unlocking The True Value of Your Creative Content

NAB is in full swing and I’m excited to be sharing Unlocking The True Value of Your Creative Content with filmmakers, photographers and other creatives later today. The slides and handout can be found by visiting the project’s page.


2 comments for “Unlocking The True Value of Your Creative Content”

  1. Hi, looking for some advice: I’ve shot on Oly Super Toughs (love them) and am on 5th, now with TG-1. Have videos and tried to load onto new camera (to show around at gatherings) but having trouble finding them. Home computer says they’re on there, but they don’t show anywhere on the cam.

    thanks in advance,

    Posted by Darrell Kunitomi | June 4, 2013, 4:10 pm
  2. Darrell,

    I believe the new camera has created a folder on your memory card and us looking within this folder for images it has created. Try downloading your videos to your computer (for a safer backup) and for viewing. If you need to show them in the field, I’d suggest using a phone, tablet or a device other than your camera. Copying files from your computer to your memory card can sometimes cause a corrupted card and a loss of your work.

    Posted by Jay | June 5, 2013, 11:05 pm

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