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Interview with Photojournalist Amy Toensing

Photojournalist Amy Toensing

Photojournalist Amy Toensing

Photojournalist and National Geographic contributor Amy Toensing discusses her recently funded Kickstarter campaign In the Shadows, a project aiming to document and raise awareness of urban refugee children in Africa.

In the interview she discusses the opportunities crowdfunding offers creative artists, the sense of responsibility that comes from having your individuals instead of publications fund your work and why a donation of one-dollar is a meaningful sign of community support.

I hope you’ll take a moment to visit Amy’s Kickstarter campaign and Website to learn more about her work while listening to the interview below.

“Update: I wanted to add a quick point of clarification. I remarked in this interview that I have been careful to limit the number of updates sent to my Kickstarter contributors during the fundraising part of the campaign. The photographic work has not yet begun – so there is not much to report. I will be posting more frequent updates while carrying out the work in Nairobi. These reports from the field or “dispatches” will be a very important part of engaging my audience and making this project a success. Involving your community of supporters is critical, but at the same time, as with any type of correspondence, you want to be respectful of their time and the flood of emails they have to get through every day. A balance needs to be struck for each project. -Amy


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