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What’s This Creative Content Project All About?

There has never been a better time to be an independent creator looking to self-publish and self-distribute your work. Tools for creation are more powerful and less expensive, platforms for distribution are emerging and a number of early pioneers are showing success in forging ahead without traditional publishers and distributors.
But how do you do it? Where do you start? Where’s the map to help me get from here to there? This is the goal of “Unlocking The True Value of Your Creative Content”, to gather information from the successes and failures of other artists and begin sketching out a roadmap for you to follow.

Charting Terra Incognita

The American West was once largely unknown, unexplored and considered hostile country inhabited only by savage indians and itinerant trappers. The initial pioneers encountered unforeseen obstacles that foiled many Western expeditions. Obstacles like mountain ranges, vast deserts, slot canyons and swollen rivers. Over time, those obstacles, along with the best routes around them, became charted and the path became less perilous. Fast-forward to today where you can gas up your car, load up a map on your phone and drive from my home in Salt Lake City to San Francisco with stiff legs and a minor hangover from too much road-trip junk food. Minor inconveniences considering the distance traveled.

Detail of a map of the United States railway survey of 1859. Via: US Library of Congress

Detail of a map of the United States railway survey of 1859. Via: US Library of Congress

Building the Road Ahead

In many respects, self-publishing and self-distributing is a bit like the initial exploration of the West. Those that venture are often self-reliant, independent and a bit contrarian, embodying the pioneer spirit of yore. Several have come back from the journey with success stories and advice to help guide future travelers around the obstacles.
I hope you’ll join me to help fill in the blank spots in the map, identify those who’ve successfully traveled this route and build out the infrastructure to make self-publishing a more predictable alternative to traditional publishing methods.


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