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Creative Content: Case Study: Clark Stacy

I’ve recently begun work to develop a new seminar “Unlocking The True Value of Your Creative Content” on behalf of ASMP for the NAB Show’s Technologically Advanced Publishing track. (whew, that was a mouthful). In any case, the primary focus of the presentation will be on the ways independent content creators can fund, publish and distribute content outside of traditional publishing models. In the presentation, I’ll highlight several independent creators who have done just this. I’ve already begun lining up a slate of innovative, creative and brave filmmakers, designers, photographers and game designers who are uniquely qualified to provide insight into how best independent creators can navigate these largely uncharted waters.
The first interview I’ve completed for this project was with Clark Stacey, CEO of Smart Bomb Interactive here in Salt Lake City. Although he doesn’t fit the classic model of an independent creator, his experience guiding a company through a dramatic industry reorganization should resonate with many artists who used to photograph annual reports, shoot video at corporate conferences or design newsletters, brochures or other internal collateral-all bread and butter jobs that have vanished.
I’m still working through the notes from the interview and will have more to post shortly. In the meantime, his presentation at the Casual Connect conference last year is a good introduction to his philosophies.


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