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Convergence Opportunities

Convergence Opportunties
In my recently-concluded seminar Series Adaptation: Building A Successful Photo Business in the Era of Smartphones, Tablets and Social Media, I highlighted the ways technological changes are disrupting a a wide varity of industries and occupations. To illustrate the point, I used two articles highlighting the ways intelligent software is changing the processes of legal discovery and the analysis of X-rays.

In a more recent article, The Economist discusses the ways globalization and technology are further shaping the legal discovery process. Local customs and legal regulations, combined with immense translation challenges are opening a niche for “cultural and lingustic experts to make sure the correct search terms are used” in e-discovery software applications and “the right information is ferreted out.”
In conclusion, the Economist writes, “The twin forces of globalization and technology may put many mediocre lawers out of business. But those who master languages and computers may find themselves in demand.”
I see this advice as relevant to a wide range of professions. The need for individuals to be proficient in multiple fields increases one’s ability to roll with the rapid pace of change and allows cross-disciplinary techniques and expertise to be applied in novel and innovative ways.
In a time when convergence his happening across in virtually every industry it surprises me that there isn’t more of an emphasis being made on inter-disciplinary teaching in higher education and greater priority given to job applicants who bring a diverse skillset to help solve the challenges companies will continue to face in the future.


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