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Great Advice: ReCourses-Managing Client Relationships

I’ve subscribed to David Baker’s ReCourses newsletter for several years and find it to be a focused and valuable contribution to my inbox-a stark contrast to most email newsletters I receive. Today’s newsletter was particularly valuable with David’s tips for Managing Client Relationships. This is an oft-overlooked facet of running a creative services business and the tips in the newsletter can help anyone improve.

Here are four of my favorite entries from the post:

• The degree to which you have power in a relationship is directly related to how long it takes to replace you.

• The clients who trust you say: “I have $140,000 for this project. What’s the most we could do with that money?” The ones who don’t trust you say, “Here’s what I need. What will it cost?”

• Early in the client relationship, ask them how often and by what method they want to be updated on the status of their projects. That will be the best way to adapt your service style to their personality profile.

• If you want clients to start listening to your strategic advice more carefully, quit being so accessible to them. In developed cultures, experts are innaccessible. The day to day contact for a client doesn’t fit that role.

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