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A Three-Party Publishing Ecosystem

I came across this little gem embedded within a longer post about new Yahoo! CEO Marissa Mayer on John Battelle’s Search Blog

“I believe, deeply, that commercial publishing is a conversation between three key parties: The reader (or viewer), the publisher/content creator, and the marketer.” -John Battelle

This is an important triad where all parties need to feel well represented. When one of the three parties feels abused, cheated or neglected, ruin often follows. However, when all three parties work together for the best interests of the group, the benefits to all three are compounded.

Here’s my quick advice for each of the three parties:

For content creators: Are you generating content that people crave to read, watch or listen to? Is this content something that a company would feel comfortable putting their reputation on the line for by publishing or selling ads against?

For publishers: Are you creating a flow of information well-targeted for your readers that naturally fulfills a demographic that marketers want to reach? Are you treating your content creators respectfully and compensating them fairly?

For customers: Are you finding content sources that fulfill a need, entertain or provide value to you? If not, are you providing feedback on what you’d like to see? If so, are you linking/sharing stories to help support the growth of your favorite content sources?


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