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Lightroom ACR posts-Coming Soon

Ah well, life has a way of delaying even the best laid plans. Due to some personal issues, I had to bump the remaining posts from last week on Lightroom 4’s ACR improvements. I will get to them soon. Thanks for your patience. -Jay

Lightroom 4: Basic Sliders & Tone Control

In addition to the changing Lightroom’s baseline processing values, Lightroom’s engineers made a series of significant changes to the controls found in the Basic panel within Lightroom’s Develop module. These give better control over the tones in your images and improve Lightroom’s ability to recover highlight and shadow detail. As part of this change, Adobe […]

Lightroom 4: 2012 Process Value

I’m spending this week grouping together several of the most important changes to Adobe Camera Raw, Lightroom’s camera raw processing engine. With ACR 7, we continue to see ACR evolve in two important directions. The first focuses on capturing better image quality from both our existing images as well as new photos. The second expands […]

Attention! Lightroom 4: Tone Curve Bug

Update: 5/1/12 Adobe has released Lightroom 4.1 RC2 on the Adobe Labs Web site. In my testing yesterday, it appears to fully preserve the Tone Curve settings from images in LR3 catalogs. I’ve also found it to be much faster than LR3 as well. I’ve seen several forum posts about some users feeling LR4 was […]

Lightroom 4 Is Here!

Earlier this week, Adobe Lightroom 4 was officially released to the world. With it comes big changes, some visible to the user, others behind the scenes. Collectively, this is one of the most important releases to Lightroom and solidifies Lightroom’s position as the go-to all-in-one application for managing the chaos of a digital photography workflow. […]