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Agile Photographer: Kansas City

Late last week, I kicked off the fall tour of the ASMP seminar Agile Photographer: A Multimedia Partner for Business series. In the  seminar, I encourage photographers to think outside the traditional publishing channels to discover, and generate, new opportunities for building a business creating compelling imagery.

Judging by their questions and comments, the attendees in Kansas City certainly took this message to heart. Most encouraging was how many attendees were already applying this type of thinking to their business. Here are a few examples;

Nick Vedros, host of the evening’s event, is partnering with his son to conceptualize, shoot and produce, video and TV commercials.

Robin Lorenson, a photographer specializing in photographing severe weather, is partnering with other photo and video professionals to create Rival Imaging, an independent stock library providing still and video content of severe and unusual weather to a variety of clients.

– Jon Brick, co-founder of Outside Lines, an independently produced, online travel magazine highlighting the hottest travel spots, killer events and unique cultural gatherings in the Midwest.

Photographers like Nick, Robin and Jon, I feel, will reinvigorate the photography industry. I love being a part of a movement to create a new paradigm for professional photography, one that elevates photographers from simply content producers to strategists, partners and even founders of new publishing ventures.

Next week, I’ll visit Connecticut and New Jersey. To see the complete schedule of seminars, or to register for a seminar near you, please visit http://asmp.org/education/event/info?id=206.


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