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Where Do We Belong? A Seed of A Thought

I wrote this earlier in the month and have been sitting on it hoping to write more. Rather than wait for that day, I thought I’d share it hoping it provides some food for thought for your weekend or the coming week.

Where Do We Belong?

A recurring thread of conversations I’ve had with other professionals is that the way photography was once bought and sold is no longer a valid career path except for those select few at the very top of their field. A point of agreement is that the skills photographers posses is valuable. So, with valuable skills and devalued profession, its no wonder photographers are a little uneasy about where one’s future lies.

We’ve been wrestling with this issue ourselves as we try to define what exactly we do for our clients. For most of us, self promotion is a challenging exercise when the path is clearly defined, but downright Sisyphean when you’re creating the industry as you go along.

I suspect this will become an increasingly common phenomenon as the country’s workforce continues to shift and adapt to changes in corporate structure, technology and economy.


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