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Friday Round Up: Friday Round-Up: The Perilis of Social Searc, Bin-laden on Twitter & True Multimedia Magazines on iPad.

This was an interesting week. Editing the video and audio tracks from Strictly Business 3 provided a great deal of food for thought. The presentations are outstanding and it was a joy to relive the presentations again. So it was from that mind-expanded perspective that I gathered these little signals from the Web. I’ll point to the finished videos as soon as they are released to the world.

The Perils of Social Search:

We’re already seeing social search take off in a really big way. My wife finds it creepy that searching for a topic on one site is affecting the ads she sees on another. (I tend to agree.) Eli Pariser finds that social search has the potential to be a lot more than just creepy, it has the ability to automatically isolate us from those weak ties that are often the source of contradictory viewpoints and valuable information. I have to agree with Eli. Social search may be great, but I want the option to know when my search results, Facebook pages, etc. are being filtered, and have the option to stop it.

Bin-Laden on Twitter

We live in remarkable times. I first learned of the earthquake and tsunami in Japan via Facebook and I watched the early news of Osama Bin-Laden’s death trickle in via Twitter. This is an epic shift from even just a few years ago when CNN seemed to be the most immediate source of news.

Given this seismic change, I found this data visualization illustrating the spread of the news of Bin-Laden’s death fascinating.

True Multimedia Magazines on The iPad

Thus far, most tablet-magazines are little more than the print layout repurposed in into a tablet format with a little multimedia thrown in for good measure. Mike Matas of Push Pop Press gave a cool demo of a true multimedia book on the iPad at the recent TED conference. I look forward to seeing how others push the bar even higher on this new publishing platform.


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  2. Jay I have a Q. for you, I’d appreciate if you could send me a quick feedback. I’m using CS4 over a year now, (i’ts not because of lack of funds I didn’t upgrade to CS5). in CS3 I was able able to photomerge manually, In CS4 that option was taken away, I don’t understand why. Does CS5 have manual photomerge option?
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