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Audio Shapes The Meaning of the Visuals

This afternoon, I came across this interesting example of how audio can affect the way we perceive visual images. These two trailers for the Resonance film have an identical visual track, but the audio between the two segments is radically different. As a result the emotion of, and my reaction to the two trailers differs […]

Gains In Intelligent Software

Almost two years ago I wrote a post imagining a future where intelligent asset management software would remove most of the labor involved in managing large image collections. Fortunately, we’re starting to see gains in image recognition software which promise to make solving these difficult tasks easier and less time consuming. I recently learned of […]

Olympus Gray Batteries are Greener Batteries

When I opened the box to assemble my new Olympus E-5, I noticed the battery and charger is gray, not the traditional black. Since I’ve amassed a collection of the standard black batteries over the years, I wanted to find out what was behind the switch. I contacted Rich Pelkowski, Product Manager for the Olympus […]

Friday Round Up: Friday Round-Up: The Perilis of Social Searc, Bin-laden on Twitter & True Multimedia Magazines on iPad.

This was an interesting week. Editing the video and audio tracks from Strictly Business 3 provided a great deal of food for thought. The presentations are outstanding and it was a joy to relive the presentations again. So it was from that mind-expanded perspective that I gathered these little signals from the Web. I’ll point […]

Your $1,100 iPad is Waiting

I found this tidbit the other day and it gave me pause. If the iPad were manufactured in the US, it is estimated the price tag would top $1,000. If all the parts were sourced within the US, it would likely be even higher. It’s easy to forget how global our industries, particularly manufacturing and […]

Really Useful Premiere Pro Tip

I picked up this Premiere Pro editing tip from veteran editor Tim Kolb on the Creative Cow forums and thought I would share it with you. When editing audio in Adobe Premiere Pro, switching your sequence’s units from frames to audio units allows you to make more precise audio edits on the timeline to remove […]