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Friday Round-up: Tune Out The Noise, Make More Money and Launch Your Film Online

What I read While researching material for a blog post, I came across the fascinating “What I Read” series on The Atlantic Wire. I found it remarkable that both Chris Anderson and Clay Shirky, both pretty “tuned in” and media-savvy thinkers, pretty much ignore the daily news cycle in favor of more substantive, or alternative […]

The Future of Journalism

Next month, I’ll be presenting at the prestigious Missouri School of Journalism. In preparation for the presentation, I’ve been spending time thinking a lot about the future of journalism. Spurred, in part, by my recent conversations with Tom Kennedy, I’m optimistic. And, it seems, I’m not alone. Former Google CEO Eric Schmidt is also looking […]

Friday Round-up: The $2.99 Follow Focus, Revolutionary Data Visualization and Mr. Beam Takes On the World

The $2.99 Follow Focus. I came across this little tidbit last night, a jar opener turned follow focus and am game to give it a try. Thus weekend I’ll be making a trip to Bed Bath and Beyond (probably the only the you’ll hear that on my blog) and pick up one to test. I’ll […]

New Work: ASMP Find A Photographer

Earlier this month, we helped ASMP create a Web commercial to highlight their Find A Photographer service to art buyers. Find A Photographer is a unique database of ASMP member photographers that can be searched by geographic region or photographic speciality. In short, it allows an art buyer to find a photographer for their next […]

Friday Round-up: QR Codes, AR and New-parent productivity

Yes, I know this blog hasn’t gotten a lot of love lately. Having a 4 month old while still juggling a business is a tricky proposition. As a result, blog posts have essentially fallen by the wayside. So, inspired by the Communicatrix, I’m going to try and at least publish a Friday Roundup to close […]