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Friday Round-up 2-4-11: ASMP SB3, Squeeze 7, Mobile Video

I’m still on a high from ASMP’s Strictly Business conference two-weeks ago in Los Angeles. If you are a professional photographer, or want to be one, you owe it to yourself to attend SB3. You only have two more chances, Philadelphia Feb 25-27 and Chicago April 1-3. I hope to see you there!

While we’re focusing on business, I came across a little gem of a quote from David Baker at ReCourses in his email newsletter.

“ Business relationships are measured in many different ways, including longevity, access, frequency of contact, and level of influence. But money is and should be the most accurate measure of value. As we noted elsewhere, money is the currency of (business) respect. It’s not a comfortable thought but it is an accurate one.”

It sounds a little crass, particularly to a visual artist or photographer, but it is true. A client’s willingness to pay you for the work you perform is a strong indication of how much value they see in your work.

In technology-related news, I watched two outstanding Webinars aimed at streamlining my video production workflow. The first, from Sorenson Media, focused on the new features found within Squeeze 7. My favorite video encoding tool has recently gotten a host of new improvements, including the ability to export directly to Squeeze from within Adobe Premiere Pro. This saves the step of having to export an intermediate file then bring this file into Squeeze for final output. I’ll have a quick review of the new features in Squeeze 7 in the near future.

The second Webinar offered from the Adobe Production Premium team discussed ways of optimizing performance within After Effects and Premiere Pro. The Webinar did a great job of breaking down the application preferences, hardware configuration and optimization tools that make the biggest impact on your workflow and dispelled several common myths around GPU acceleration and the Mercury Playback Engine. You can watch the full Webinar, or jump directly to the key information referenced in the video in the After Effects: Region of Interest blog

A couple of final tidbits to round out the week:
The Mobile Tsunami is Near: The demand for mobile data is about to explode. Although this article is more focused on the providers of bandwidth services, content providers are going to want to follow demand to take advantage of the opportunities.

Figuring out the Best Fit For Online Video: Forbes Insights recently published an interesting report on how US executives feel about watching video ads. In-stream and pre-roll video ads are gaining acceptance across all age range. This bodes well for ad-supported video content online.

Have a great weekend and while you’re watching the Big Game, don’t for get to participate in Brand Bowl 2011 to find out which companies will reap the rewards from their investment in Super Bowl advertising.


3 comments for “Friday Round-up 2-4-11: ASMP SB3, Squeeze 7, Mobile Video”

  1. I received an Olympus fe 4000 for Xmas last year. I am not entirely pleased with Winter pictures. I cant see the screen and if I change to scene , if I turn the camera off and take it out again it reverts to P. Not Auto. I am a skier who likes to take snap pics mostly because my subjects are skiing. Not a very handly camera. My wife has a Samsung which is really a quick point and shoot good winter pic camera. I have so many out of focus or bright light or over exposed pics that I think I trade it for a cheaper better camera for what I need.

    Posted by Rich Wornath | February 12, 2011, 12:16 pm
  2. Rich, Thanks for your comment. I’m sorry you’re not happy with your FE 4000. I haven’t used that specific camera, but I have a couple things you might try. First, when you have difficulty viewing the screen are you in bright sunlight? Composing photos on the LCD screen in bright sunlight is a challenge for all cameras. You might try shading the back of the camera body with your left hand, while photographing with the right.

    The camera should remember the last setting used and returned to that. Have you looked to see if there is an update to the camera’s firmware that may resolve the problem? Olympus has a tech tips day this Thursday where you can ask questions directly to their technical support staff. They can help you with the Scene Mode/P issue you’re seeing.

    Posted by Jay | February 14, 2011, 12:57 pm
  3. Rich, I’ve connected with Olympus regarding your issue, and they suggest you call the Digital Technical Support team at 800-622-6372 to get your issue resolved.

    I hope this helps. -Jay

    Posted by Jay | February 16, 2011, 11:26 am

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