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Premiere Pro User Interview

Last week, I was interviewed by David Basulto on his new podcast, Premiere Pro User, about using CS5 in my workflow.


Make your Web images mobile-friendly using Photoshop

I have to admit, now that practically everyone is using broadband Internet, I’ve gotten a bit lazy about optimizing my Web images for the smallest file size. I simply use the Save As command in Photoshop, select JPEG and pick a quality setting of 7 or so. It turns out, this creates unnecessarily large JPEGs. […]

Humane Society Love Story by Kinghorn Visual

We recently partnered with the Utah Humane Society to celebrate their 50th anniversary with a video success story. In Alex & Charle Bones: A Love Story we tell the story of how Alex, saddened by the loss of her father finds happiness and love in a new best friend. Alex and Charlie Bones-A Love Story […]