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Tips for a Smooth Round-trip between Photoshop CS5 and Flash Catalyst

Adobe Flash Catalyst is a great tool for building out quick video-based microsites without having to learn any ActionScript or JavaScript. It takes your layered Photoshop file for the base design and allows you to designate which layers are buttons, form fields, etc and applies the necessary code behind the scenes. If it sounds a […]

Photoshop + Adobe Media Encoder = Video Rendering Bliss

If you’re using Photoshop Extended to perform color and tone correction in video footage, you may be frustrated by tying Photoshop up for long periods of time rendering video. If so, try offloading the rendering chores to Adobe Media Encoder CS4 or CS5. Simply save your color-corrected video files as layered .PSDs and open them […]

Panoramic Photos from Video Sweep

Nikon cameras have introduced a nifty feature in their point-and-shoot cameras allowing you to create a panoramic image from a video clip that sweeps across a subject.. You can create the same effect from a video clip with Photoshop Extended. Here’s how. 1) Open your video clip into Photoshop Extended (CS3 & later) and open […]