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30 Days of CS5: An Introduction

With every version of Adobe’s Creative Suite, visual artists are given new and improved tools, new workflow efficiencies and new outlets for creative exploration. Creative Suite 5 is no different. To help you take full advantage of these new tools and minimize the headaches involved in upgrading to the new version, I’ll spend the next […]

Unlocking the True Value of Your Creative Content: March 20th, Denver Colorado April 10th, Las Vegas Nevada (at NAB 2013)

Inspiration: Dean Kamen @ TED: The Emotion Behind Invention

This talk is a vivid reminder of how important it is to lead a life of passion and search for meaning beyond the mere financial rewards of one’s work. Dean Kamen is an inventor and entrepreneur. Most widely known for his invention of the Segway, Dean’s most important inventions provide mobility for the disabled and […]

Inspiration: Coke Quest

In trolling through the dozens of RSS feeds I subscribe to, I often come across videos, photos, quotes and things I find inspirational. I don’t, however, often post them. I’ve decided to change that. Because we all can use a little extra wind in our sails and a creative boost every now and again. I […]

NAB Notable: Steddiepod

I’ve been keeping an eye on a video camera stabilization system that is effective, versatile, portable, and relatively inexpensive. The system that caught my eye on the NAB show floor yesterday was the Steddiepod. It is a modified monopod with a counterweight for stability. After giving it a quick test at the show, I was […]

CS5, NAB and a quick tip

Yesterday was an eventful day. Not only was it the formal announcement of Adobe Creative Suite 5, it was also the start of the National Association of Broadcasters (NAB) show. At NAB, Adobe was showing off the new features in Premiere Pro CS5, After Effects CS5 and Flash Professional CS5 and were offering short presentations […]