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Tips For Profiling Wide-Gamut Monitors

I’ve recently received several questions on how best to calibrate and profile newer wide-gamut monitors. The questions are likely precipitated by poor-quality profiles generated by older monitor calibration devices. In this post I’ll include a short background on what wide-gamut monitors are, why they are the wave of the future and offer practical advice on […]

Live Photo Critiques Today on Facebook

I’ll be critiquing photos today at 3pm ET on the Get Olympus Facebook page. Bring your photos and your questions! www.facebook.com/getolympus

Are You An Agile Photographer?

The release of hybrid still/video SLR’s like the Canon 7D and compact cameras like the Olympus E-P2, which shoot HD video as well as full-resolution still images, has enabled a broader range of photographers to shoot, edit and publish high-quality video and multimedia presentations. These new tools, coupled with new publishing tools and publishing platforms, […]

The Fantastic Power of Imagination

Quote of the day: “The most important thing is that we never lose the ability to believe. If we do, we’ll get old and gray. Whenever you hear a child tell a story and you sense that fantastic power of imagination, pray that she will be able to remain that spark. If she can stay […]

Audio’s Invisible Hand: Stella Artois, Microphone Placement and Presence

The other evening, my wife and I saw a Stella Artois ad on TV and immediately wanted a beer. This beer. Since we both had the same visceral reaction to the ad, we began dissecting why the ad was so effective. Essentially, it boiled down into two basic elements: 1) Clean, crisp visuals 2) Engaging, […]

Correcting Video With Photoshop

Apple Final Cut Pro and Adobe Premiere Pro offer powerful color-correcting tools for digital video. The trouble is, they are more difficult to use than the tools you’re accustomed to using in Photoshop. The good news is if you have Photoshop CS3 or CS4 extended, you can open and correct video using adjustment layers, Photoshop […]

A review of The Film Editing Room Handbook

As more photographers begin to shoot video, they often find it to be a wholly different animal.  They find themselves restructuring the way they approach a shoot and perform subsequent post-processing. While this is often seen as a technical challenge, it is really more of a conceptual challenge. With still photos, photographers have had several […]

Don’t bother if it’s not compelling

We’ve all seen it. That commercial that was decidedly “cool” with its crazy use of CG and slow-mo, yet when people ask us later what the commercial was for, we have no earthly idea. The same mistake can happen with photography. In the race to provide “the next big thing,” the art and the message […]

Flash vs. HTML5: What do I need to know?

Right now, many photographers entering the world of digital video are finding it tricky to navigate the thick jungle of new file formats, technical jargon and workflow processes. Adding to the confusion is the latest “standards war” between Flash video and HTML5 that’s been raging since the announcement of the iPad. As a result, there’s […]

What’s a GPU and why should I care?

When most of us buy a computer, we carefully examine the computer’s CPU processing specifications, available RAM and hard drive storage capacity. What if there was a more important component we were overlooking? In most specifications, the Graphics Processing Unit, or GPU, is way down on the spec list and is rarely, if ever, considered […]