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If not now, when?

This afternoon I had lunch with a friend of mine who is a prominent portrait and pet photographer in SLC. He was excited to announce that he’s recently signed up for a week-long video training workshop. The truth is he, like many photographers I’ve spoken with recently is reluctant to invest the time, money and energy to learn video.

What prompted the change of heart from reluctant photographer who’d never shot a minute of video with his 5D Mark II to someone so excited about taking a week-long video course?

He explains:
“I had lunch with a friend and he asked me why I wasn’t shooting video yet. I told him I wasn’t that interested in video. He laughed and told me that if I wanted to stay in business, I needed to learn to shoot video. Sure enough, I received three phone calls from clients that week asking me if I could shoot video. Rather than fight the trend, I’m going into it with an open mind and am looking forward to having a new medium for my visuals.”

My friend’s sentiment mirrors what I’ve been hearing from photographers across the country who are tentatively adding video to their skill set, much with the same fears and trepidation they had when switching from film to digital.

Rather than stall or wait until you’re behind the curve, why not borrow a friend’s video camera and start shooting, take an online class or enroll in a workshop. If you find video simply isn’t for you, you can shoot stills for clients confident in the knowledge that you’re doing what you do best. However, if you find you enjoy the process of shooting video, you might just find a whole new creative outlet and profit center that helps you roll with these changing times.


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