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When ads backfire

A friend sent me a link to an LA Times article on how the recession, outsourcing and royalty free photos & logos have undermined the ability for professional photographers, designers and architectural draughtsmen to make a decent living.


The article covered points familiar to most creative professionals, the Google Ads at the end of the article added some unintended irony.

On the same page that the author uses Time’s purchase of an iStockphoto.com image to illustrate one of the “horror stories” of today’s economy appears an ad for iStockphoto. Shortly after the description of how established professionals are having to change their business model just to survive lies an ad for an Online Graphic Art Course.


Automation is great. In fact, I’d say it is essential for the volume of content generated for the internet. Still, it pays to have a human checking on the work to catch contradictory, if not mildly embarrassing mistakes like these.


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