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Elements of Life-Thoughts from Vincenzo Natali

As I reviewed trailers for movies we will see at the Sundance Film Festival next week, I came across this apt quote from Vincenzo Natali, co-writer and director of the 2009 film Splice, and director of the famed 1997 science fiction film Cube.

“Making a film is a little bit like having a baby. It starts with the conception of the idea, and then, from that single cell of a notion, it grows and expands and eventually you have a script. Then, you bring in other elements necessary for life: actors, lighting, sound, visual effects. And, eventually, all these things come together in the right way, it survives the trials of the womb, and you lead to that ultimate moment . . . birth.”

Creating multimedia projects are just like this, only on a much smaller scale. The most striking differences I see between still photography and multimedia is

a) The need for a plan, or outline, to guide you as you gather elements of your presentation (essentially your script)
b) The variety of tools with which you have to work. Natali calls them “elements of life,” a phrase that certainly rings true in multimedia. Each element has the potential to alter the face of your story, and, in turn, the life you produce.


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