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5 Reasons to Infuse Your Work with Multimedia

I recently began shooting with my new Olympus E-P2 HD video-enabled dSLR camera. While a card-carrying digital photographer in love with technology, when I started working with video-enabled cameras, I felt a pang of worry for the future of still photography.

Now that I’ve been working with these cameras for a full year, that worry has been replaced by excitement and anticipation for the variety, creativity and power these little cameras bring to photography. It can indeed enhance your still work and provides a new challenge.

Here are five reasons why you too should shoot multimedia:

1) More flexibility for telling your story.
Working with audio, video, graphics and stills together gives you a fresh approach to telling your story and communicating your point of view.  Additionally,  just as the process of photography helps you appreciate the nuances of light, shape and form, multimedia trains you to appreciate the subtleties of sound, the direction of movement and the craft of storytelling.

2) Increases your understanding of technology.
While learning a new suite of tools to perform multimedia may be daunting, it can be an immensely rewarding process. Learning to use video-editing and audio-editing tools like Final Cut Express,  After Effects and Flash has broadened my understanding of communications technologies and how they work in conjunction to result in a polished product. Many of the concepts you learn in editing and processing digital video, like working with a timeline and setting keyframes, apply to other tools like Flash which use timelines for motion and interactivity.

3) The world becomes a whole lot more interesting.
Most photographers look at a landscape and see not just the trees or mountains in front of them, but rather, how those trees, mountains and light work together to create an image. This ability, while for some innate, is usually honed from years of photography. The same is true for multimedia. Since I’ve been working on multimedia projects, my ears and eyes hear and see things differently.

For instance,  I marvel at movies and commercials and the technology and time it took to put them together. I hear intricate sounds when watching films, outside on a mountain top or in a crowd and think of how they are contributing to my experience. Together, noticing these elements of my surroundings has enhanced the richness of my life and the creativity in my projects.

4) Challenges your brain.
Multimedia challenges me to think about art and communication differently. With all these tools at my disposal, I can start thinking, “Now, how can I communicate that visually so it will make sense to my audience? Should I use audio, stills, video, graphics or all of them together?” Sure, widening my options sometimes gives me a headache, but in the end, I keep realizing the endless possibilities of multimedia and I expand my thinking with each project I complete.

5) Impresses your friends.
You probably won’t commit to a multimedia piece just to impress the crowds, but it certainly doesn’t hurt to hear the kudos! Plus, creating multimedia is a lot of fun, often involves others and preserves the memory of an event forever. I think you’ll find that when you pick up your camera to shoot video and stills together, it will be like the first time you got that great shot. Learning to edit video helps you select images more carefully for your portfolio or slideshow, improving your ability to present photos to the world.

If you have an Olympus E-P1 or E-P2, join me this month for a webinar series dedicated to using your E-P1 or E-P2 to create compelling multimedia.


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