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The Next Big Thing: Part 3

I really only intended this to be a two-part series, but today I found a link on A Photo Editor’s blog to Folio Magazine’s 115 Media and Magazine predictions for 2010. In it, several people far better connected than I seemed to echo many of the same statements from my past two posts. Here are a few of the highlights.

“Throughout 2010, we’ll see two types of media people: those who embrace change and reinvent, and those who dig in and try to wait out the recession hoping for a return to “normal.” Both will have to fight through a flat year, but the former will ultimately survive and thrive.” – Allison Tocci

“Print magazines will always be a great reading experience and will not go away.” – Tony Silber

“Print will become richer, better paper will be used, graphics will improve, quality of content will improve and distribution/circulation numbers will drop.” – Don Pazour

“As the economy begins to show subtle signs of recovery, publishers will return to what is the primary force of the media business, the reason we are all here … the content.” – Anita Malik

While there were several contrarian opinions, most of the experts believe that the trend toward placing content online and making it accessible, whether through a tablet or other device, will continue. Several stressed adaptability and collaboration as keys for success.

Perhaps most encouraging is the emphasis on defining one’s niche, producing great content and presenting it using quality print reproduction, video or great photography. These signs all point to a healthy recovery for photographers who excel at the craft of communicating visually and having an understanding of multimedia and Web publishing will give them a competitive leg up on the competition.

From a workflow perspective, one of the most significant challenges is developing an efficient means of producing print, Web and portable media (tablet, iPhone, etc) that play upon the strengths of the medium without having to redesign the content for each medium.


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  1. I know of one photojournalist who has made the leap to mostly online work, Doug Brown of the TorontoWide website ( http://www.torontowide.com/ ). He also happens to use an Olympus E30 and E-P1, not usual photojournalist choices. His images tend to be quite small on the web of course. He mostly covers the arts, but occasionally sports as well.

    I’d love to see more of the web look like the Times Reader, which I used until they started charging for it. If Google made a tablet OS that used a similar technology for reading, but kept it open source and cheap, I’d buy one.

    Posted by John Krumm | December 19, 2009, 2:51 pm

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