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Workflow Trends: More is More

A major trend in digital photography over the last several years is the use of multiple images to increase user experience. This approach, called more is more, extends the depth of field within an image to surpass the laws of optics and deepens the dynamic range of a photo to create an immersive environment or allow a viewer to actively zoom into and through an image.

As yet, one of the great challenges of “more is more” photography is finding an efficient means of organizing and linking image sequences, bracketed exposures or images destined for a panorama. Within Apple’s Aperture you can specify the auto-stacking of images taken within quick succession. A similar feature is found in Adobe Bridge CS4. The Auto Stack Panorama/HDR feature examines the time/date stamp of images, the overlap of image content and the exposure variation between frames to group the images into Panoramas or HDR-sets for processing.

As a larger number of photographers begin experimenting with multi-image photography, the tools will certainly improve, paving the way to new and interesting photos which prove that more, really is more. Here are a few of my favorites.

Yosemite Deep Zoom
Seadragon at TED
Extended Depth of Field (Focus Stacking)

What’s stopping you from using multiple images to create your photos?


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