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Perfect Digital Photography: A correction

A reader of the second edition of Perfect Digital Photography recently wrote with a question regarding my description of Photo Mechanic (p215). I wrote:
“While not as versatile as Bridge, Photo Mechanic is the tool of choice when speed is an absolute necessity.”

The reader wondered what advantages I saw in using Bridge over Photo Mechanic for browsing photos and performing a quick first edit.

What I meant to write was:
“While not as versatile as Lightroom…

In my opinion, Photo Mechanic is the fastest, most reliable file browsing software on the planet. When compared to Bridge, Photo Mechanic is much faster at downloading, adding metadata and editing images. For these reasons Photo Mechanic has long been the tool of choice for photographers needing to perform a quick edit under tight deadlines.

Ultimately, you will want to find the combination of software and hardware components that best suits your speed, quality, and budgetary needs and requirements. The workflow presented in Perfect Digital Photography works exceptionally well for many photographers. Should you have specialized needs, feel free to experiment, talk to other photographers and find the best solution for you.


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