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1000 True Fans

Do you have a deep desire to shoot a book-length photo project, but find the odds of landing a publisher or the costs of self-publishing daunting? Kevin Kelly, in his blog post 1,000 True Fans, may have the solution to the dilemma. You need a fan base. Not just people who think you’re a nice person, but fans who ardently believe in you, your work and your dream.

In his post, Kelly, hones in on 1,000 as the magic number for an individual artist to make a living. The math works like this. 1,000 true fans, spending an average of $100 per year, gives you a reasonable salary of $100,000 for the year. Even if you aren’t looking to quit your day job (even if your day job is photography) you can use this approach to fund your next big project.

1,000 True Fans includes several examples of artists using the Fundable web-site to fundraise for their next big endeavor. Can you fund your project by “pre-selling” fine art prints or limited edition coffee table books? Quite possibly. All you need are a few true fans.


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