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Seadragon: Online Deep Photo Zooms

Recently, Microsoft announced Seadragon.com, a simple service allowing photographers to create a deep- zoom image by linking to a file online. All you need to do to create your own deep-zoom image is to post an image online, copy the image link (not the page link) and Seadragon.com takes care of the rest. Photoshop CS4 […]

Tips On Integrating The E-P1 into your Workflow

I love having the capability to shoot both still photos and HD video with the E-P1. It’s worth the minor added complications in my workflow. Here are a few tips to help you integrate the E-P1’s video files painlessly into your digital photography workflow. Downloading: My still photography workflow is heavily reliant upon Adobe Lightroom, […]

Shooting Great Video with the E-P1

In the few months I’ve been working with the E-P1, I’ve fallen in love with the camera. So much so, that for an upcoming trip to Europe, I’m planning on using the E-P1 as my primary camera and only bringing a larger SLR as a backup. If you haven’t checked out one of these versatile, […]

New Landscape Photography Video

For our dedicated readers of Perfect Digital Photography, we’ve added another video tutorial to PDP TV. In this episode, I provide several tips for getting great landscape photos using a long lens and a wide aperture. You can watch the video on the Perfect Digital Photography web site, or inline at a smaller size below.

1000 True Fans

Do you have a deep desire to shoot a book-length photo project, but find the odds of landing a publisher or the costs of self-publishing daunting? Kevin Kelly, in his blog post 1,000 True Fans, may have the solution to the dilemma. You need a fan base. Not just people who think you’re a nice […]

Manipulating With Photos (and Photoshop)

In the early passages of Norman Hollyn’s The Lean Forward Moment, describes the primary role of a filmmaker is to manipulate the audience. You need to do that because that is the number one job of a filmmaker: to help the audience feel what you want them to feel. Everything we do as filmmakers is […]

Your Workflow Won’t Last Forever

I frequently encounter photographers wanting to create a workflow they can use for many years to come. This desire, though understandable, is unrealistic. We live in a time of tremendous change and innovation. New camera models supplant the old within a matter of months, not years. Our favorite software applications are on 18-month product cycles […]

Is green the skin tone du jour?

The sixth installment of the visually rich Harry Potter movie series uses a heavily stylized color palette to lend a sense of mood, mystery, and, at times, hopelessness to the scenes. Most Hollywood movies today use sophisticated color grading tools and use color, much like music, to reveal a character’s inner emotions or to increase […]

The Big Table workflow model

In the May/June issue of Communication Arts (yes, I know, I’m a little behind), Joe Shepter’s commentary “The Big Table: A New Model for Creative Work” outlines a new way for advertising agencies to adapt and take advantage of new technologies. Instead of the traditional model where the creative content is considered separate from production […]