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Augmented reality

Your life: re-imagined

It has been said that the best new companies and best new ideas have an easier time taking root during difficult times. These hard economic times are no different as in the past year, we’ve seen particularly and imaginative ideas emerge.

Augmented reality is one such example. The technology, which blends the virtual and physical worlds, has been germinating for several years, but the combination of deep broadband adoption, an increase in the number of Web-cams and powerful, compact devices have brought the technology nearer to a tipping point.

This promotional video from Zugara, an interactive marketing agency, demonstrates one potential way augmented reality could transform the online shopping experience. Although this demo is far from perfect (the clothes don’t quite fit the model), the concept shows a lot of promise.

Microsoft “Natal,” a concept for playing games on the Xbox without a controller, is another way augmented reality can be used to blur the lines between the physical and the virtual.

Given these advanced, it feels like only a matter of time before the keyboard, mouse and desktop computer feel like quaint relics.

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