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It’s not a phone, it’s a lifestyle

This month’s Communication Arts has an outstanding article on the future of mobile computing and the effects it will have on photographers, designers and consumers. Don’t Call it a Phone: The Future Of Mobile Computing emphasizes the role of mobile devices as a new publishing platform, shipping assistant, tour guide, media & entertainment system, and […]

Raw is all you need…

Many photographers can simplify their image management, backup and archiving needs by treating processed JPEG, TIFF and PSD versions as disposable copies of the original. The notable exceptions to this rule are: – You’ve begun a fine-art print run and your first print and your hundredth print need to be exactly the same. – You’ve […]

Your life: re-imagined

It has been said that the best new companies and best new ideas have an easier time taking root during difficult times. These hard economic times are no different as in the past year, we’ve seen particularly and imaginative ideas emerge. Augmented reality is one such example. The technology, which blends the virtual and physical […]

Better Living Through Technology

What is most exciting about the iPhone and other Smartphones are the opportunities that arise from having the Web in your pocket. Unshackling the Internet from your computer will likely prove to be the most revolutionary advance of the Internet era. Why is this such a tremendous breakthrough? Being able to tap the Internet wherever […]

Burning and Dodging from Spirited Away

This weekend, Spirited Away, the classic anime film, was playing in my local movie theater. I’ve long enjoyed the movie for the magical storyline and beautiful hand-drawn animation, but I was surprised at how clearly the movie illustrates the concepts I covered in my recent Power Lunch webinar on image refinements and burning and dodging. […]

Multimedia Inspiration: Books worth reading

This past week, I enjoyed two books discussing opposite ends of the filmmaking spectrum, Hillman Curtis on Creating Short Films for the Web by Hillman Curtis and In the Blink of An Eye: A Perspective on Film Editing by Walter Murch. Although these two authors appear to be diametrically opposed in their philosophies and experiences […]