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The E-P1: Electrifying!

I’ve had so much fun playing with the E-P1 over the last week, I just can’t put the camera down. Over the last couple days, I’ve photographed flowers in the community garden, a crescent moon over the mountains in Little Cottonwood canyon and recorded video of lightning from an intense thunderstorm over the city. I […]

Photoshop Power Lunch Webinars

As you progress in both your understanding of Photoshop and your image correction skills you’ll find that global corrections, applying a correction to the entire image, often fall short. For example, making the grasses in a landscape more orange to enhance their warmth, makes the blue sky more gray. In order to make your digital […]

First Thoughts on the Olympus E-P1

On Tuesday afternoon, I received my Olympus E-P1 kit. And, I  must say, this camera is not only of exceptional quality, but it’s load of fun. Excited about its small size, retro style and new features, I had to take it out for a spin. That afternoon, I went for a run in the foothills […]

Images Transcend Languages

Today, an article on CNN.com highlights the role of photography in galvanizing public opinion. Drawing upon photos of the Kent State massacre, Eddie Adams’ “Vietnam Execution” and Iranian protester Neda Agha-Soltan’s final moments, captured with a cell phone, the article shows the role photography has in shaping popular views on war, politics and cultures. While […]

What Snow Leopard Will Mean For Photographers

In the June issue of the Professional Digital Workflow E-Newsletter, I mentioned three aspects of Apple’s new operating system “Snow Leopard” that will affect photographers. Here’s a quick recap: – Intel only: If you have an older Mac with PowerPC processors, you won’t be able to use Snow Leopard. – No more 4GB RAM limit: […]

Optimizing Still Photos For Multimedia

Photographers are always striving to achieve the highest image quality possible. After years of experience, and lots of trial and error, photographers have developed an intuitive sense of how much sharpening to apply for print and how much saturation can be added before the print appears artificial. We don’t yet have this same background with […]

Multimedia: War Without Borders

One of the great advantages of multimedia is its information density. Through the use of video, audio, graphics and photos, you can tell a complex story both effectively and succinctly. The War Without Borders: Fueling Mexico’s Drug Trade (Warning: Contains graphic, violent images) is just such an example. The NY Times reporters expertly tell the […]

Patagonia’s The Footprint Chronicles: Visualizing a corporate philosophy

I’ve long been a fan of Patagonia products, both for their design and function and for their corporate philosophies of environmentalism and sustainability. Patagonia is remarkable in the way they have integrated their corporate philosophy into their print catalogs and online Web sites. I’ve already highlighted Patagonia’s TinShed, an immersive site featuring slideshows, videos and […]

Is it time to upgrade your workflow infrastructure?

Earlier this year, the American Society of Civil Engineers gave America’s crumbling infrastructure a “D” grade due to obsolete bridges and crumbling roads. This costs the United States billions of dollars annually in lost productivity (workers stuck in traffic), delayed deliveries (poor/impassible road conditions) and makes transportation more difficult than necessary. Your workflow has its […]