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Workflow: Establishing a Consistency of Vision

SanRafaelSwell_05_2009__0146.jpgMost people think of workflow as a structure and set of processes to ensure technical needs are met. While this is true, an effective digital photography workflow helps to encourage aesthetic consistency from frame to frame and shoot to shoot.

This consistency of vision is naturally present in your original photos. Over time, you develop your your signature shooting style, the way you light a given situation, your compositional choices and lens selection all contribute to your signature style . An effective workflow carries your signature style one step farther by ensuring consistent saturation, contrast and color balance across a body of work. With tools like the DNG Profile Editor, camera presets in Lightroom and Adobe Camera raw, and Adjustment presets in Photoshop, it is relatively easy to ensure your skin tones are handled the same today as they are tomorrow.

This not only makes your workflow faster, but helps to emphasize your value to clients because every photo bears your signature style, helping you stand out from the crowd.


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