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Review: Meditations In Monochrome

Every once in a great while, I come across a photographic portfolio so compelling that the to-do lists and the unanswered emails drift away and are replaced with a deep satisfaction for doing nothing more than being absorbed by the photos at hand. This afternoon was one of those occasions. William Neill’s new book Meditations […]

New Camera Raw files in old versions of Photoshop, Lightroom

One of the questions I’m most commonly asked is how to open camera raw files from a new camera in an older version of Photoshop or Lightroom. The answer to this question is the DNG Converter. The tutorial is below.

Photographer of 2015: A Business Model

After my previous post Photographer of 2015: The Business Landscape, Art and Chuck both raised salient and encouraging points about the success of the iPhone Apps store and distributed content generation. Art’s defined success as “a 30-minute show produced by 11 people in Des Moines for $800,000 [that] can be supported by an audience of […]

Time-lapse Experiment

Here’s a quick experiment using still photos from the Olympus E-30 assembled in Adobe Photoshop Premiere Pro to create a time-lapse movie. Thoughts?

Photographer of 2015: The Business Landscape

A logical follow-up question to yesterday’s post is whether or not there will be a market for photography. With the continued rise of microstock and Royalty-Free, will professional photographers be able to survive in this new landscape? I’m optimistic that photographers, and visual communicators, will thrive in the years ahead. Why, you ask? Because photos, […]

The Photographer of 2015

Last month’s presentation at the Society For Photographic Education’s National Conference has generated a lot of thought on the skills tomorrow’s photographers will need to succeed. Certainly, the technological landscape will be different-digital cameras will be better, workflow software easier and the Web will be accessed from everyone’s mobile phone. The photographer of tomorrow will […]

Bye-bye mouse, hello multi-touch

Visual artists have always had to compensate for a disconnect between the tactile aspects of art and computer graphics programs like Photoshop or Illustrator. Let’s face it, drawing with a mouse on a mousepad is a poor replacement for picking up a pencil and drawing a line across a sheet of paper. Multi-touch promises to […]