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Newspaper video: Will it survive? « Mastering Multimedia

Much of the early debate about online video for newspapers appears, to me, to be missing the point. While most of the posts are focused on Quality vs. Quantity or which encoder/software/camera/microphone to use.

What appears to be missing from the dialog is a discussion on the role video plays in journalistic coverage. Or, to put it more broadly. Why would a photographer pick up a still camera over a video camera? How do you decide which medium is best suited to your story?

From the management perspective, the questions need to be focused on how video (or blogging, or Twitter, for that matter) enhances the experience of the reader, makes a complex topic easier to digest or adds insight that would be missing from a text-only presentation.

Once these big-picture questions have been answered, it will make the detail-oriented questions easier to answer. The biggest challenge to photographers and visual artists today is which tool to choose to best convey your message.

Newspaper video: Will it survive? « Mastering Multimedia: “”

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