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Is your vision worth millions?

Is your vision worth millions?
Gennaro Pelliccia’s tastebuds are insured for 10 million GBP. His employer Costa, a large coffee chain in England, feels the insurance policy on Pelliccia’s tastebuds “protect a vital element of business.”

A majority of the world drinks coffee and it certainly doesn’t require any special equipment or skills. Theoretically, anyone can hang out their shingle calling themselves a coffee taster. But very few people actually do. Mr. Pelliccia built a “worth” around his coffee-tasting skill—indeed it is a very different thing to taste coffee than to drink it. And Costa obviously thinks it’s “worth” it. Mr. Pelliccia protects Costa’s quality control, which, to Costa, is worth millions.

Photographers face a similar but more prevalent problem. Where very few are purporting themselves to be “professional coffee tasters,” there are many purporting to be “professional photographers.” Today, anyone can spend a couple hundred dollars on a good digital camera and call themselves a photographer. I’ve heard many photographers complain of their jobs being taken by art directors or graphic designers are performing the work themselves.

How can you, as a professional photographer, or visual artist, clearly convey your worth to your clients so they would want to insure your unique vision for millions? What steps are you taking to ensure the photos you take are far superior to the ones the art director takes?

Also featured in the Daily Mail. http://www.dailymail.co.uk/news/article-1160460/Meet-coffee-taster-tastebuds-worth-10m.html


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