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PMA 2009: Looking For The Next Big Thing

Have you ever noticed, that once a good idea comes to market, every company scrambles to copy it? Take Crocs shoes for example. Sure, they’re not the prettiest things out there, but they have function, variety and a low price tag. Several companies have tried to reproduce the unique shoes, but none as good as the original.

So too, with camera technology. This year, at the Photo Marketing Association trade show (PMA), I’m walking the show floor looking for something different—technologies that are ahead of the curve, not just following suit.


The first such device I found is the PhotoGPS unit from Jobo. This tiny unit, roughly the size of two ipod shuffles put together, fits in your hot shoe and records GPS data for every photo taken with your camera. When you return from the shoot, the enclosed software syncs the GPS data from the PhotoGPS with your photos and embeds the latitude, longitude, country, city, state and street information in your photo’s metadata.

The PhotoGPS appears to be the most comprehensive, well-designed, geotagging system for digital photographers.

Embedding your exact location in your photos offers two powerful options for photographers.

1) The PhotoGPS system allows you to embed not only the latitude and longitude of the photos, but also the country, city and state. This makes it easy for you to perform a search for images within Lightroom, Bridge, Aperture or any other cataloging system. This eliminates much of the manual, time-consuming keywording necessary for an efficient workflow.

2) Geo-referenced photos allows you to unlock some interesting presentation possibilities. You can begin to associate your photos with maps of the area using Google Earth or Windows Live Earth, use the GPS data for historical record or use the GPS as an additional level of authenticity.

Geotagging is an emerging way to enrich your photography experience while at the same time simplifying your workflow. Who doesn’t want that?


2 comments for “PMA 2009: Looking For The Next Big Thing”

  1. What’s it retailing for? I can see this working well in the Real Estate industry.

    Posted by LA_Photographer | March 10, 2009, 1:39 pm
  2. Thanks for your post. The PhotoGPS retails for $179.00 but it appears you can find it for around $160 online.

    I imagine it would work well for the Real Estate industry. Great idea!

    Posted by jay | March 10, 2009, 3:05 pm

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